So You Want to Learn How to Dance? Well, Check out Our Tips to Get You Dancing

Anyone can dance, kids love it, well, at least they jump around, but not everyone can dance well. If you want to learn how to dance check out tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Decide What Type Of Dance You’d Like To Learn

each dance has a different style and feel, such as tap dancing is quite a fast beat whereas ballet dancing is slower and more elegant with graceful moves, and hip-hop has more attitude and is edgier.

Go to YouTube and watch a few dance videos of different styles to understand the basic movement. There may be one type of dance or rhythm that suits your body’s natural movement. Check out a range of dance magazines or dance books as they may give you more technical advice on different dance styles.

If you get an opportunity to watch live professional dancers in action then definitely go. You don’t have to spend a fortune either, maybe there is a showing at your local dance school. It’s amazing how much of an understanding of each dance routine you’ll pick up watching a live performance.

Why not join your local dance class. Check out their introductory dance classes to give you a taster of all the different dances styles available. Some dance schools offer evening gatherings free of charge.

Dancing in Your Own Time

Once you have chosen your ideal dance style that you’d like to learn, any spare time you have, whether it’s at home or around a friend’s house, play some music and start moving.

Close your eyes and feel the music then start moving your body to the beat, and don’t be afraid that you look silly, everyone’s got to start somewhere.

Dance to the Next Level

once you’ve chosen your dance style and danced around the living room home, looked in the mirror and you now feel confident, the next stage is to join your local dance class and take it to the next level.

Going to your local dance class will enable you to dance with like-minded people at different levels to really help you accelerate your learning.

Set aside specific times to practice and continue dancing with friends, whether it’s at home or around their houses.

To get a better understanding of how well you’re progressing, get a friend to video you dancing using their mobile phone.

Accelerate Your Dancing With A Healthy Body

To get the best out of your dancing you need to be physically fit. You need to be able to consistently move, stretching your body without getting out of breath.

Eat healthy foods to improve your well-being such as fruit and vegetables, fish and meat to keep you active.

Drink loads of water to hydrate your body. While dancing you will lose fluids, therefore it’s so important to replenish all the fluids that your body loses.

To give you that dancing edge, do some additional exercise. Join a gym, do some light weight training or go for a jog.

It’s as easy as that

I hope that has helped you with a few ideas to get you starting to dance. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.