Our Tips And Advice To Start Dancing The Tango, Enjoy It And Becoming A Good Tango Dancer

In Buenos Aires, tango is everywhere, from porteños dancing out on the streets to local dance halls (milongas) and theatres where rabid fans dance to the beat of the tango until the sun comes up.

It would be a real shame to leave the beautiful city without attempting the national dance. However, like anything in life that we try, learning how to tango well does require plenty of patience and practice.

We have put together our tips on how to enjoy the great dance of Tango:

How Do You Become A Realy Good Tango Dancer?

First of all, you need to really love tango dancing.

There isn’t any other way to do it if you don’t love to dance, then you just won’t have the passion to dance well.

Having a passion for dance and especially Tango you are going to feel it a whole lot more, and it will definitely show.

Also, you need to find your genuine way to dance without any stereotypes, and for the artist, it is a real challenge. Many professional dancers are really skilled both musically and technically but in a mechanical way.

At times there is a certain style of dancing that is fashionable, and numerous dancers will exhaust themselves trying to do it. However, those are not real artists.

All real artists are familiar with the rules of dance and are able to dominate them as well as the techniques, and experiment to discover their own way as well.

Finally, you need to practice incessantly and work hard. It is like all aspects of life, there is nothing that comes free when it comes to tango.

Tips Somebody Trying To Learn How To Dance The Tango For The Very First Time?

First, enjoy yourself. Don’t let other people influence you too much and don’t over think things too much. It is important for you to follow your own intuition since tango is a very intuitive dance.

You will get very frustrated and if you don’t enjoy every step and moment you could end up making a fool of yourself, but don’t let that stop you. Work very hard since tango is a lifelong gift. Give it a try.

Second, book up a number of dance classes with a well established Tango school or look for a teacher that, most importantly, really inspires you. Somebody who motivates you and who you like, even if it isn’t someone who is a famous dance and is unknown.

The student-teacher relationship is really important. If you aren’t convinced and feel you aren’t on the same page then look for another teacher.

Don’t give up on your dancing just because you didn’t connect well. Give it another chance since it is definitely worth the effort.

To Learn the Tango, Do You Need To Have Previous Dance Experience?

No, not all. Many of the leading tango dancers have never danced anything other than tango.

Certain techniques used with other dances might be useful, but you do need to be careful since they may be counterproductive.

Tango has its very own language, and its training will vary based on the individual teacher. Almost anybody can learn how to dance the tango because tango is the type of dance that adapts to each dancer. It isn’t a rigid structure.

What is really great about tango is this: it changes, evolves, and adapts itself to the people who are dancing it. The dance adopts to the changes in society and people. It has its very own logic and form, and at times it doesn’t have anything to do with other types of dances. If you are able to walk and embrace, then you can dance the tango.

How Is Tango Dancing Different For Women And For Men? Are There Roles Very Different?

In tango, there are two really different roles (follower and leader) that may be taken by women and men.

Traditionally, the man has taken the role of leader while the woman has taken the follower role. Fortunately, this is changing, and that is opening up a number of new perspectives of tango.

Just remember, in tango, there is no distinction between women and men.

Advice For Someone Going To A Tango Dance Night For The Very First Time?

Try to get the maximum out of your experience. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t want to dance the first couple of times that you attend, but make sure to watch the dancers around you and do your best to understand the way things work.

If you do dance, be sure it is with someone who makes you feel good.

Laugh if you make any mistakes. If you do crash into another dance, just apologise and don’t get too worried about it.

I highly encourage you to try tango and to feel all of the passion of the dance and enjoy the experience, and by all means, have fun